We are family. We are Oikos.
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At Oikos, we are passionate about living life together and living in a common rhythm that resembles that of the extended family.

When we started Oikos Montrose, we wanted to create a church with the same DNA from Oikos Church. We wanted to start small and be intentional about inviting people who have been disconnected into being part of our family. As a church, we want to grow in our relationships with one another beyond just our Sunday gatherings. We want to live life with one another. We want our relationships to be defined not by our own blood, but by the blood of Jesus. As a family, we celebrate both the organic times and the structured times. In order to create this family, we decided to gather in our actual home. These gatherings are meant to go beyond superficial conversations and into deep conversations. As we welcome people into our home, we are welcoming them into the peace of Jesus. 



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