Life Transformation
God is renewing us daily, so we want to celebrate what God is doing in our lives and the lives of others no matter how big or small it may be. The Lord works in the big and small. When the Lord moves in someone and in this world, it’s a significant event. 


Family on Mission
We have a relational God. Through the Trinity He sent His Son to His creation to live and die, so we can be reconciled back to Him. We want people to experience this supernatural love Jesus has for them through the love we have for one another. It’s important to us that we be a spiritual family who cares about the souls of those around us. 


Making Disciples
Jesus made disciples and trained His disciples to continue making more disciples, so we will imitate this process. Just as Jesus did, we will invite people to live life with us. Through this walk, people start imitating who we are and how we live life as followers of Jesus. Jesus invites us to follow him, then tells us to imitate his words, works and ways and then sends us to live them out in our daily lives. 

We are a church who invites people to belong before they believe. Through our church we want to invite people to experience the Words, Works and Ways of Jesus knowing that we may never see Jesus redeem them on this side of heaven. We believe that salvation is up to Jesus, but we have the power to invite. 


We are a church who ventures into dark places of the city to share the story of Jesus. We recognize that this isn't always an easy thing to do. So part of our plan is to utilize all the resources that Jesus has given us to illuminate dark places. This means we will walk into homeless shelters, gay bars and on the streets to share the Light of Christ.   


We are a church who is creative with our resources.

  • Space: Planting a church in a populous area, near the heart of Downtown Houston creates a challenge of high real estate costs. It is not practical—economically or as good stewards of the resources God blesses us with—to have a space that is used only once a week for corporate worship. To supplement the costs of operation, we will create a space, such as a coffee shop or restaurant, where people can gather throughout the week and that also produces revenue. The vision behind this is threefold: to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t attend church; to provide the community with a safe gathering place; and to no longer rely on the tithes of congregation members to fully support the pastor and other staff members’ salaries, building costs and ministry. This strategy also aligns with our vision to illuminate dark places in the city, as we are seeking an unused or underutilized building in Montrose that we can revive. 

  • Leadership: Not only will we fully utilize our space, but Oikos Montrose staff members will also work in the neighborhood part-time to supplement their incomes. In addition to taking the financial burden off the church, it will encourage leaders to listen to, be active in and engage in what matters to their community. Through bivocational living, Oikos Montrose leadership bring the light of Jesus to the neighborhood of Montrose. 


We are a church who creates missional leaders who, in turn, create disciples that imitate the Words, Works and Ways of Jesus. In the book of Acts, Jesus illustrates a balance between temple and home. In the early church, families who hosted church gatherings in their homes were the spiritual parents of the people who gathered there. At Oikos Montrose, we plan to imitate this practice. As we do, we hope to create a community of believers inside a neighborhood where not many churches have gone in the past 30 years. We will minister to the neglected people of Montrose by creating a house of peace where people can experience Jesus. From this red hot center, we will move out into all neighborhoods of Houston. 


We are a church who is actively looking for the next church to plant. In order to be a church who plants churches, we must be missional and develop leaders from day one. This is a significant focus for us. We, as an LCMS church, must be able to create leaders who are ready for leadership beyond volunteering for church activities. Starting with our house of peace in Montrose, we will empower people to live as families on mission in their neighborhood, eventually recreating this model in other Houston neighborhoods


Values and Vision
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